8500DV Problems



The two problems are:

a) When connected using the ATI HDTV dongle and having the dip switches set for 480p only, to my Sony VPL-HS1 the scrren only displays parts of the XP desktop. You have to move the mouse round the screen to see the rest. DVD movies in either ATI's player or Power DVD work fine and the quality is superb. Games that change the res to 800*600 also work perfectly.

If you alter the resolution at all in control panel, the HS1 changes it's input signal to the of it's default when it doesn't know what to do with the input. This stops it from ising the 480i setting. Any tips on how to get this to stay at 480i and get the full desktop to allways show?

b) The Coaxial output of the 8500DV's connection block only handles a AC3 signal so when you have a movie menu in non-AC3 singal you have to change the AMPS inputs to the Line IN from the PC to hear anything.
Any suggetions for a new sound card that will always use the Coaxial ouput for sound to avoid me having to change the inputs on the Amp all he time.

*note* i've looked at the Audigy platinum but they only have external blocks with a coax connection and i have no spare 5 1/4 bays.

Thanks in Advance


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