83" OLED or Projector+110" screen, help me decide


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I have a dedicated home theater that has a 9 year old Sony projector using a 110" acoustically transparent screen. The room is a completely light controlled, a real bat cave with one row of seats 10 foot from screen. We watch movies via disc, stream via Netflix, and some gaming using a PS5. I want to replace the projector and have it narrowed down to 2 different technologies:
  1. 83" panel - either an LG G2 or Sony A90J
  2. Projector - either an Epson LS12000 or JVC NP5
The prices are close enough where price difference is not a consideration. I am figuring I cannot afford the LG 97" OLED. Here is a quick summary I put together. Any help is appreciated.
  • 110" screen is quite a bit larger than 83" based on area
  • Center channel behind the screen
  • Must use some form of tone mapping since a projector simply cannot handle the brightness range that HDR material is mastered with
  • Higher latency than panel
  • Back levels and contrast good but still not as good as OLED
  • Rarely needs to use tone mapping since it can display a huge range of brightness with HDR material
  • Center channel below screen
  • Very low latency for gaming
  • Deep blacks and excellent contrast
  • Small size compared to projector
Viewing angles: 83" panel is 33 degrees, 110" projection screen is 43 degrees
SMPTE recommends a viewing angle of 30 degrees while THX recommends 36 degrees


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You should know if you find the projected viewing angle comfortable.
Looks good to me.
I've read it's more about if you have to look up.

I have a 0.95 gain 105" 16:9 screen and calculated the epson way to bright.

You could stick with sdr and get a
Jvc x500/700 or x7000


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I stopped into the AVscience showroom today and got to see the Epson LS12000 and JVC NP5 in person. Went straight from there to Best Buy to look at an 83" OLED TV. Size won out, I have placed an order for the Epson. The picture quality on the Epson was outstanding. Not as good as the OLED but it was not giving up a huge amount. Just cannot go down from a 110" screen with center channel behind screen to an 83" with center channel below screen. Perhaps 4 or 5 years from now I will replace the projector with a big TV

Thanks for everyone's input into helping me make this decision


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Have you been advised the 12000 will work for you?

This states the least amount of lumens You can get out of the epson is 957 Lumens

In a batcave (black surfaces) for SDR I would aim for 14-16ftL

Notice how the gain changes 16.5% for 20° viewing angle for high and low gain screens


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How do I order this? Can I just order material


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I seem to remember you can't just order the material, they are also incredibly expensive.

Doctor Smith

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Just seen the USA prices. Well out of my reach.


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Professional calibration normally reduces lumens.

If I take the 9300 the same as 9400.

This states min lumens for a new lamp is 493 Lumens

As you've probably calculated an even 0.9 gain would give you 15.24ftL

I think the 9400 drops 15% towards the sides.

So 15.24 x 0.85 (projector) x 0.8 (screen) gives 10.36ftL at edge of screen.

Now a perfect 0.9 gain screen is the same as a 1.0 gain screen with a lamp that has dimmed 10%

If I remember my calibrated 9300 with 1,000 hrs is giving me 14ftL 0.95 gain 105"


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Before I got my x700 I was going to get some 0.8mm stainless steel cut to use as a lamp iris, lowering it in with the lamp.

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