83" OLED or Projector+110" screen, help me decide

I stopped into the AVscience showroom today and got to see the Epson LS12000 and JVC NP5 in person. Went straight from there to Best Buy to look at an 83" OLED TV. Size won out, I have placed an order for the Epson. The picture quality on the Epson was outstanding. Not as good as the OLED but it was not giving up a huge amount. Just cannot go down from a 110" screen with center channel behind screen to an 83" with center channel below screen. Perhaps 4 or 5 years from now I will replace the projector with a big TV

Thanks for everyone's input into helping me make this decision
Be nice if you could give us an update when you get it all set up and watch it for a week, Maybe send a picture.
Ordered a Sony 83" A90J after seeing the same set at a friends a couple of weeks back and was very impressed. He had just ditched his JVC X7900 which had been scrapped due to faulty colour block that failed 6 weeks out of warranty and JVC wanted £1900 to fix it.

He was swapping an 84" projector screen to an 83" tv so not much difference in size but the tv was in his opinion streets ahead of the pj in sharpness, HDR, contrast/black levels and panel uniformity that the pj just could not compete with.
Never had any doubt in my mind if you’d see the two in real life, which you’d pick.

There is a reason most high end projector owners own oleds too but still pump the majority of their time and money into the projection setups.

Time and money :) well said. PJ requires different level of both time and money investment to squeeze max out of it when with TV it is just given within the initial price. You even get sound with TV :)

With such relatively small size difference I would choose OLED if I would not be willing to at least partially adapt the room for PJ.

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