Question 82" Samsung or 86" LG?


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After almost 10 years of having a Samsung PS64D8000 which is slowly dying I am looking to upgrade to a new 4K set

Had my eye on the SAMSUNG QE82Q70RATXXU but no stock at moment. Looking online today I saw the LG 86UM7600PLB around same price bracket

Now I don't know whether to wait and see if the Samsung comes in stock before XMAS or go for the LG and get it this week.

Any thoughts? Always had Samsung and don't think I need higher spec then Q70 just dont know how the LG compares.


Two very different TVs, if you don't need wide viewing angles I'd recommend the 82" RU8000 from here instead: Samsung UE82RU8000 82" Dynamic Crystal Colour Smart 4K TV | Crampton and Moore

At this size the only TVs that can do HDR to a decent standard are the Q70R and (at 85") the Sony XG9505, the latter is very expensive, the former is probably worth waiting for if you need a capable HDR TV.

So a lot depends on how you'll use the TV, don't buy cheaper if you want to enjoy HDR content.


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Need good viewing angles as its going in a pretty wide room sofa directly in front is just over 4.5m away and then sofas to the sides.

Also want it to be main tv for at least next 7-8 years so HDR isnt big thing at the moment for us im sure it will be later down the line. Starting to watching more content on Netflix, Prime and SkyQ but HDR not visible good old plasma.


The Sony XG9505 is best suited then, other models don't cut it.

LG 82UM7600, Sony 85XG85xx series & Samsung 82RU8000/82Q60R (same TV) - poor HDR capabilities, narrow viewing angles.
LG 86UM7600 - good viewing angles, poor HDR.
Samsung 82Q70R - good HDR, poor viewing angles.
Sony 85XG9505 - good HDR, better viewing angles.

You may want to consider going down a size and going for the Samsung 75Q85R because its just so much more bang for buck, retaining good HDR whilst also having good viewing angles.

So whichever way you choose I'm afraid you have to make a compromise somewhere. The Sony 85XG9505 is the least compromise, but its expensive and its viewing angles whilst better than average, are not fantastic.

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