80's claymation kids movie, anyone remeber it?


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I'm trying to find the title of a movie which i think was made in the 80's at least thats when i saw it as a youngster with my dad.

it was on tv & was like a claymation movie where an old guy builds this racing car for an up coming race.

he's aided by some helpers one of which i think was like a hedgehog who ended up holding part of the cars mechanism together under the dash to help win the race.

i remember that the mechanism was sabataged by a competitor the night before the race.

it was a bit wallace & grommitesque with the old boy making th car very placid & the hedgehog not able to talk but expressive like wallace.

anyone remember it?


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Hi Sweeney,

I don't remember the film/TV special you mention, but I have done some reserach for you, being a bit of an animation geek. ;)

Firstly, if it was Claymation or that kind of thing (animated plasticene models), then there are only three major companies that do that:
- Aardman Animations (Bristol, UK)
- Cosgrove Hall Productions (Manchester, UK)
- Will Vinton Prodcutions (USA)

Now, I've checked through Cosgrove Halls entire history, and there's nothing listed that remotely resembles the film you describe. I then checked Aardman Animations, and again, nothing seems to fit the plot you describe. :( This leaves USA's master animator, Will Vinton. He's most famous for doing the Claymation adverts and short animated TV specials for "California Raisins" where he sets the raisin characters to pop music of the 50's and 60's, and the likes of Ben E King, Marvin Gaye, etc.

This list here, is a complete list of all of his works. Now, because there's so many, you'll need to do some work on your own, I'm afraid. But best of luck. If this list doesn't have what you're looking for, then you'll need to either get onto the Internet Movie Database and do some keyword searches (or use Google), or check out Jeff Lenberg's boook "The Encyclopedia of Animated Cartoons" which can be bought from Amazon, for just over £15. (It's hardback, and about 600 pages thick, so it's a good book to have.) Details of the book can be found here!

Sorry I couldn't be of more help to you, :( but best of luck, and I hope you find what you are looking for. :)



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Its called something like "The Pinch-cliffe Grand Prix". Its maybe Italian or French. Try it in the IMDB. I'm off to bed!

Some crazy people even have degrees in Animation!

Its definitely not Vinton and not originally English dialogue. It might even be the same guy that did Barnaby the Bear ( which I think is Polish or Czech).


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Its called something like "The Pinch-cliffe Grand Prix". Its maybe Italian or French. Try it in the IMDB. I'm off to bed!

seems to go under both titles (Pinchcliffe Grand Prix maybe the english language version).



now we know where they got the ideai for the gorilla drumming advert :)



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that brilliant, i forgot they even had murray walker commentating.

brings it all back watching the clip.

now need to try and buy it from somewhere.

thanks to all that helped me.

Sophia Santella

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Hey guys I've been searching for this short film thing for FOREVER and I would really love ur help

There is this short was the beginning to a kids film maybe even Wallace and gromiit but the general plot was that it's was a theater that had this obscure black pit under the stage and the 2 main characters feel in love with one of the girls in the theater the one character became jelous of the other and pushed the one in the pit under the stage it was super disturbing and that's all I remember PLS HELP ITS REALLY BUGS ME '!!!'


Wow a nine year necro bump.



Wow a nine year necro bump.

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I don't know where she dug it up from but Ill have to see if room for you when we fill it in:laugh:

Its there first post try and be nice to the new comers.

BTW Sophie, sorry don't know but some claymation stuff >click here<. Welcome to the forum and please forgive Sonic as they say there one in every circus;)

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