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Does anyone have any recommendations for an all-in-one 'G' wireless ADSL modem/router?

I've already got a Benq AWL500 'B' wireless access point and separate Alcatel Speedtouch 510 ADSL modem/router, but due to vague plans to setup some wireless webcams & other stuff I'm looking to upgrade to G.

I will also want to use it with a Linksys WET11 for Xbox Live access, and BENQ AWL100 PCMCIA card for my laptop.

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Netgear DG834G. Easy to set up & reliable. 4 cat 5 inputs as well as wirless connectivity & DSL modem.

I've had no problems with this bit of kit and can definatly recomend it.

Big Al


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I had the Netgear and it was fine for a few days but then died :(

Bought it from Amazon and it was a bit of a nightmare to send it back - went for a refund in the end.

Walked into Dixons and picked up a Belkin F5D7630uk4a here for £90. Curry's/PC World will have it too. Ebuyer have it for £70 or so if you don't mind buying online.

Anyways, it's been absolutely flawess - no problems whatsoever. The main thing for me is if it does have a problem I can take it back to Dixons just down the road. Belkin give you a lifetime guarantee on it too :thumbsup:

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