801s port5 or iscan pro failure..


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last night it was all working fine, and today, i have no source on port 5. neither composite or component inputs to the iscan produce an image on the 801s. i know the pj is ok though because a laptop into port 3 works. so, either port 5 is dead, or the iscan is dead.

i have tried taking the output of the iscan into port 3 and got nothing - dont know if it would work anyway.

also tried the laptop into port 5 - nothing. again, dont know if that would work.

with that in mind, does anyone know whether its the iscan that is dead, or port 5 on the 801? it could also be the VGA to 5BNC cable of course, but i dont have another to test with at present.

heeeeellllp :)


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ok, ive done some more testing with a multimeter. i have confirmed continuity along all 5 cables from the iscan to projector. i have also confirmed approx .15v from the composite side of the iscan and seen .000v on the RGB side. so I am fairly certain the Iscan has died. Arse.

Roland, I presume the Iscan is still under warranty? Ill try to contact you by phone shortly.. cheers


Roland @ B4

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Just to put a conculsion to this (is hope).
I spoke to Chris at length on saturday and we concluded that the Iscan was not outputting a signal.
However powering off the unit and leaving for 24hrs seems to have cured the issue. He did say that it was getting warm.
Fingers crossed that all will be well from here on.


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well, after a few days normal use, all seems well!

thanks again Roland for your invaluable assistance..


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