800X600 20" LCD TV


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Hi all

I've got my 1st LCD, a Beko 20" LCD TV from Argos the other day, hooked it up to my PC and the picture quality is lets say, 'satisfactory'!

The problem I have is I don't play PC games so have an old ATI 64DDR Radeon with VIVO. Trouble is when I enable the Video out, the PC's monitor adopts the lowest resolution it can handle which is 800X600 which is still too high for the Beko's maximum res of 640X480 so when viewing off the PC, some of the picture is cropped and missing.

If I look at the hidden display properties that the PC monitor can't handle - 640X480 is there, but when I try to enable it, an 'out of range' error comes up and reverts to 800X600!

I've thought of taking it back while still in Argos' 16 day returns warranty and exchanging it for one of their 20" Mikosi's that they are discontinuing (if I can get one) or getting a cheap dual head graphics card off ebay so I can set the two displays independently - which I can't do at the moment with just VIVO.

Or any one got any other suggestions that I might try?

Many thanks if you can help...


Moggsy, all 20' LCD TVs are the same, solution is 640*480 because of the panel manufactuers.


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Thanks for the reply guiliano - I know almost all 20" are 640x480, but the Mikomi sold in the UK by Argos is actually 800x600 resolution....

I was posting in the hope that there might be a different solution than packing everything back up and trying to get an exchange - as I say, Argos are supposedly discontinuing the Mikomi and the Beko is filling the gap!




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It is a TV/monitor

The pc side of things is the resolution. The tv is just what ever it should be

Regards Coley


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Are you using XP? The minimum resolution for XP is 800x600. If you need anything lower, you need to use a utility that can update the graphics driver's mode table such as Powerstrip.

Getting an 800x600 TV/monitor would be a better idea anyway as 640x480 is mostly unusable with modern apps. It'll even benefit TV watching as digital video is typically 720 pixels across (720x756 or 720x480).


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Thanks for all the replies....!

Coley - what is the model No. of the Samsung TV/Monitor you've got? Looks like a good bet ;)

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