Question 800mm tall speaker stands for bookshelf speakers


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I'm looking for some speakers stands >800mm in height that are suitable for a pair of Q Acoustics 3010's.

I've seen some generic stands of that height however I'm concerned that they don't offer much 'surface area' for the 3010's to sit on.

What would people recommend?


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The 3010s are pretty small speakers, most generic stands will do the job, but if you want a fairly big top plate. these look just the job: World Mounts WMZ3 Pair of Speaker Stands 800mm high
Just add blobs of Blu-Tack between the speaker bottom and stand top plate.
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Thank you for the reply.

I'd been looking at some Pixel T80's and the stands above look identical. Maybe they're marketed/sold under different brand names.

I think I'll grab a pair tomorrow.
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