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just wondering if anyone can help :)

I'm looking to install an 8 x 8 HDMI video matrix switch, could do with it being a bit idiot proof to operate as its going into my local pub.

I've already run Cat 6 cable and at the moment i'm struggling to find a decent unit to use, 1 thing i need is to be able to swap input to output from each screen (Rather than standing front of the matrix) or even a unit that has an "APP" for either android or Apple would be better.

Has anyone had any use for something like this as I've got loads of web pages but don't seem to be able to get just what i want.

Many thanks for taking the time to read.



Joe Fernand

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We supply lots of systems for Sports Bars and Pubs.

A fixed chassis Matrix is a long term liability as service is nigh on impossible.

Any system we supply is now HD over CAT with HD and UHD options - some have an inbuilt control server plus free app some require a third party app.

Drop me an email if you want further information.

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