8 speaker terminals on the back of a Cyrus X Power??


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Long time no post (although I do get to read occasionally).

Just acquired a 2nd hand one of these to link between my AVR and PMCs as the previous power amp died.

I don’t get it though, there are 4 speaker terminals on each side. So (assuming single wiring of speakers), which do I use? The top pair on each side, or the bottom? What’s the difference?

NB: the manual is happy to describe bi-wiring (which, yes, I know my PMCs do technically support) and bi-amping, but doesn’t say for single. The former power amp only had 4 terminals, so single-wiring was only ever the option.

Can't try out yet, as just found out I need to buy some different (sigh) speaker connectors for the Cyrus.



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I don’t believe it matters which you use, I would just use the top pair on each side.


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It's in the manual P6
Dual outputs are provided for the convenient connection of bi-wiring speaker cables.

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