8 ohms or 4 in my new SONY VA333ES reciever


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Hi there.
I have just bought my new Sony VA333 ES and pluged him to my HT which consists of a pair of B&Ws 604 S3 for front, B&W LCR6 S2 for center, B&W DS6 for rear and a velodyne CT120.
The question is that my amp has a selection of 8 and 4 ohms where all my speakers are 8 ohms. When i switched it to 4 ohms and tested it extensivelly i noticed that sound was better in terms of low frequencies much brighter and in general ... bigger.
What is the case here ?? Does the amp gives more watts ? Is there any short of danger harming either the amp or the speakers ?
Your knowledge would be of great assistance here since I decided to keep it in the 4 ohms position.



Im not entirely sure what the switching from 4 to 8 ohms does....i'll pop a post in here so this heads to the top and someone might have the answer.

I guess it is possible that there is some sort of protection circuitry added to the path when this is done, to limit the load you can try and take from the amp.

I cant imagine that you will be harming either speakers or amp when seting to 4 instead of 8, but without knowing whats going on, i wouldnt advise anyone to do it!


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