8 foot image from Panny AE100?


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Sep 24, 2000
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Barton Upon Humber
All you folks with the PTAE100 outhere

Can I fill an 8 foot 16:9 screen with a decent image by using a Panny AE100 from a throw of about 12-14 feet?

A chap in a dealership told me it wasn't possible and that I'd have to spend a lot more on a PJ to get one that fills the screen.

Was he telling me untruths?:D :D :D
I got a very decent 3m wide (not diagonal) picture from about 4.5m throw distance.
Was he telling me untruths?

Well considering thats whats in my sitting room;)

If I had a choice again however then I probably wouldn't go quite as big as 8ft with the ae100 as it does begin to suffer with screen door simply from lack of resolution and its not the brightest or most vibrant picture. That said it is extremley watchable and as a foot on the ladder, a great start.
Thanks for the replies:cool:

I'm doing my own install and can fit an 8 foot electric screen into the ceiling void.

My thoughts were to maximise the screen size right from the start so that upgrades in future years could be concentrated on the PJ. (ie once I've cut out my ceiling to accommodate the screen I didnt want to have to do it again if I was inclined towards a larger image - 8 foot is my max.)

How much should I set aside for an 8' (16:9) electric screen?

cos Im chompin at the bit....:D :D
I got mine from Gordon for £640 delivered. Quick too. I wanted the same thing, a screen that would take future pj upgrades.

Mine is fitted in the ceiling void and drops out of a slot 40mm deep.:cool:
I have a 106" electric screen from tmf, about £650, really very good. went for the 16x9 rather than hdtv, draper baronet.

running from about 12ft it looks great.
John, did you self install?

I have a pronto that I want to use to control the switching. so an IR controller will have to be on the cards.

JSW on a different thread suggested using a company called metroplan www.metroplan.co.uk and that they were offering upto 40% dicount for new customers.

Does anyone know of this company and of the Projecta range of HC screens that they sell?


Any opinions would be most welcome, I cant spend silly amounts on a screen but it'll have to do the job for a few years and last out at least 1 PJ upgrade.:D :D :D
John, did you self install?

Yeah, wasn't hard onec the tongue and groove chipboard floor was up, just screwed the wall/ceiling bracket to the joist, measured where it was going to drop and how much movement was on the roller between fully up and fully down and then cut the hole out with a dremmel and drywall bit. Fin iched the edges with some 20mm upvc angle bead. Looks pukka if i do say so myself:D

I have a pronto that I want to use to control the switching. so an IR controller will have to be on the cards.

Me too, there was a thread a coup[le of weeks ago where I explained how I did mine for not much money. If you use the search I am sure you can dig it up. If not give me a shout.
Cheers John I'll check out your thread,

Dremel eh?, sounds like a good Idea, I was under the impression that I'd have to cut away a section of the ceiling and then replace it with an MDF surround.

Any thoughts on that website?

:D :D

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