7th Gen Pio = Lower 6th Gen Prices?


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Hi All, probably about to buy a Pio PDP436SXE online. Just wondering, with the release of the new 7th generation plasmas next month is it likely that the prices of the aforementioned model will drop slightly? Im not moving into my flat until the end of september so i could wait if this is the case. Also will Pioneer cease production of the 436SXE as a result of the newer models?


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The 6th generation isn't being manufactured anymore. and the 7th generation will go for a much lower price!!!.

Around 2800 euro's for the 42" models.

I don;t know what pioneer has done to achieve this new low price, but it kinda makes you wonder.

I know that a seperate mediabox is not an option anymore, and the new panels aren't manufactured by pioneer, but by nec.

I don't know what this will do for PQ???


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Pioneer bought the NEC plasma business a couple of years ago.

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