7th December 2011

Phil Hinton

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AVForums Movies Podcast : 7th December 2011

Presented by Phil with Steve Withers, Simon Crust and Mark Botwright.
In this months podcast we review Cars II in 3D and we also look at alternate Christmas movies.

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Please reply to this thread with your feedback. :D
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Stephen Carter

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Its a shame to hear about Cars 2 being a poor film, because the first one was brilliant, but i can see where you guys come from. It didnt leave off originally to be set for a sequel at all and given the short space of time that the two have landed in you can see why claims of 'cash-in' are warranted completely. I agree with the comments about Mater, he was good in the first because he appeared in small doses and bounced off McQueen but he's too cringeworthy to base a full film around.

After hearing your comments i think i might scratch this off my christmas list seems as though i wont enjoy it as much as the first :/

Great podcast again though guys, interesting to listen to and engaging once more. Keep it up! :)


Thank you for another entertaining podcast.

I echo the thoughts of Carter91 regarding Cars 2. Cars was an enjoyable film, made even more special as it was the first film I took my then 7 year old nephew to see. It was very disppointing to hear the second Cars film is an average film at best.



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Great podcast again guys, got the balance between infomation and banter spot on for this one. The poor cars 2 review was disappointing, but I heard similar reviews from other sources so was not unexpected). However I think Brave might be an interesting film and will reserve judgement on that one, though that could just be another scotsman talking.

I liked your piece on alternative christmas films. Though die hard is the obvious one (and the first one I thought of as well) I would like to add planes trains and automobiles to the list. Though it is set at thanksgiving rather than christmas I first saw it many years ago at christmas and it is snowing so that makes it a christmas film for me. And just for the record I am with Phil on the Keira Knightly question lol.
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