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7MC Remote Controls?

Hi folks,

All the MCE remotes seem to have pretty much become EOL, especially the ones of choice - the Microsoft & Philips ones, so is there anything around the horizon in terms of new MCE remotes, I would gather there might be with Windows 7 releasing soon?

Ask as I'm without a remote at the moment as my Philips one just got broken by accident. BTW, I thought that the Philips one was very well built as well as having nice aesthetics!

Oh yeah, thanks!


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so you build a HTPC and you now cant get a remote for MCE thats frustrating. There are a lot of so called mce remotes on ebay but no Micorsoft ones


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if i you buy harmony where can you get the usb reciever bit from?

Already have that part from the previous Philips remote, it's just that the remote was broken accidently, nephew dropped it and somebody else stood on it without realising before it was too late.


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I recently got a genuine MS/Philips one from eBay for about £20, NOS. Well worth it if you can grab one.


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Kind of gone off topic, though, original post was about 7MC remotes. It would be nice to know that MS were going to do something.

yeah would love to know, find t very strange that all the MCe remotes from various companies are ll discontinued. Either they bringing out a new one or not bothering at all :(
Thanks to the advice on this thread I've just taken delivery of a Dell/Phillips remote control for £14.99:



How does this work, need for additional drivers (dell?) as I rang them this morning, person I spoke to wasn't sure on it.

It's also Silver/Black apparently, let me know how you get on with this, as I'd probably order one, although I do have an MCE remote and receiver.


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No instructions or driver supplied but I just pluged in the IR receiver unit, and Windows (7 Ultimate) found the driver itself. Worked straight out of the box.


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I believe that is the OEM type version of the official MS remote (Vista model).

I owuld love to get one in black, but they never actually released those. :(

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