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I have a HTPC built around the Acer Revo R3610 and Windows 7 Media Center (Service Pack 1 installed). This is connected to an LG 42LK450U TV via HDMI (direct, no AVR).

When I first set it up, I would often find that there would be no audio in Media center after resuming from standby. I appear to have resolved (or at least worked around) this by setting Media Center's ehshell to close and reopen on resume.

This seems to work most of the time, but this evening the HDMI audio simply stopped working whilst the system was up and running. As with resuming from standby, closing and reopening ehshell brought the audio back.

Any ideas why this is happening? Why is HDMI so problematic?


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I had this problem with my ATI HD5450 card and fixed it using devcon.exe (commandline control of the Device Manager). Basically I have used devcon to disable the audio device and then enable the device, which works nicely to clear the fault.

If you download devcon.exe and put it on the root of C:

From command prompt at C:\ you type
devcon find *>list.txt
it will create a list of all your devices in the file list.txt on the root of c:. You can find your audio hardware in this list. You then need to make reference to that device, which can be done by finding a unique of the device ID string and then testing to make sure it is unique by typing:

devcon find*VEN_2A43
(where VIA_2A43 is part of the string). If it returns only one device (the one you want), then you have found a unique string to work with.

You then need to write a batch file that simply contains:

devcon *VEN_2A43 disable
devcon *VEN_2A43 enable
This will effectively restart the device. See this guide if my instructions aren't clear: Enable/Disable a device from command line using Devcon in Windows 7

I then use a little utility called Power Triggers to run this batch file upon recovery from standby.

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