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7Day EPG on PVR8000T

Discussion in 'Digital TV & Video Players & Recorders' started by ClassicStereo, Aug 8, 2004.

  1. ClassicStereo

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    Jul 30, 2004
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    Here is my 'recipe' for getting the 7 day EPG going on the Humax. It worked for me, but care is obviously needed.

    Note: the EPG guide is great but its still the same ole stuff being broadcast!

    Sorry if this looks complex; it isn't really. NB some will elect to wait for the on-air 'OTA' update. Prior to doing the software update I thought that the EPG was sort of working (clearly the received broadcast had begun to exceed simply now-and-next), but only with the .11 software was its full 7-day EPG glory revealed.


    Buy a PVR 8000T from Dabs (no fan, that I can see by the way. Did some models have a circular fan grille inthe back or is this my imagination?)

    Install it in a freeview-lucky spot Bath, England with an OK aerial or better. 30% signal 'strength' or better showing on box's (software) monitor. (NB some parts of the town can't get Freeview, despite being nearby to areas that can!)

    Email Humax nicely - it is a wonderful product - they instantly post a free 'dongle-like' cable to allow linkup to PC. [They recommend ebuyer as a cost effective purveyor of the null modem cable which is also needed.]

    Go obtain a 'laplink' cable or null modem (9 pin crossover) with pinout as described elsewhere or on the Humax HCSA.

    Get down the exact correct downloading software tool and new software load from the Humax 'HCSA' (website), noting your box's existing credentials.

    Using floppies [the products are not too big], place these on a PC with RS232 port; mine ran Win 95 but that seemed OK. Install the downloding tool and point it to the location (local HD) of the new software product.

    Link the PC and the Humax.

    turn on the Humax /at the back/ and, with the downloader plus loader 3.06 (sic.) or better on the box, download/load in the ,11 update - this fixes the EPG.

    Patiently watch the box to reloadify the software, TV 'monitor' on if wished.

    Use the box as per the manual - note that the 7 day EPG is available for both Radio (no recording reservation poss.) and TV. For example all the 'genre' "films", or instances of string Corona*** can be found and elected for recording!

    PS the box isn't noisy, but I have it away from the seating area anyway.

    Hope this is of interest; however, the HCSA is the final authority!
  2. Tetlee

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    Jan 21, 2004
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    Great Info :thumbsup:

    Although I'm gonna have to wait for the OTA for my update due to everything being wired into place and Humax too far away from the pc. It's a slight shame the Humax chose to make the power lead come attatched to the box and not the removable type, would have been much easier for any updates.
    Ah well, I can't complain about such a damn fine piece of kit. I love my little Humax :D

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