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I want to buy a 77" OLED TV. I feel out of touch and, before I duckduckgo "oled tv reviews", I'd like to know what the contenders are that I should consider. My requirements are:


  • 4K/UHD
  • 77” (or close)
  • OLED
  • V Good picture quality, motion
  • Overscan setting. With my 42” Panasonic I found this setting that prevented the picture from being cropped on all four sides. I absolutely need to be able to see 100% of the picture. (With my old Sony Bravia there's no way around this.)


  • Buyable from John Lewis. (Their website currently lists two 77" Sony options and four LGs.)
  • FreeView tuner
  • FreeSat tuner

NOT important:
- Smart functionality is not important – I don't plan to connect it to the network, will use HDMI instead.


  • For movies and tv shows – blu-ray, streaming (typically netflix via PC connection with HDMI) and downloads; not gaming.
  • A sound setup optimised for clear dialogue. (This is probably another story but I'm increasingly needing to use subtitles for dialogue that sounds muffled. I don't know if it's my ears or my Yamaha HTR-4065 speaker system but there's no problem when I use headphones.)
  • Will be wall-mounting



If you go with the Sony AG9 it has good sound built in and you can utilise the TV as a centre speaker hooked up to an AVR if you decide to go that route. Sony TVs are also famous for having good motion.
The LG GX also has decent sound, but probably not as clear as a soundbar since it uses normal TV speakers rather than the acoustic audio screen tech of the Sony.

As all advice this time of year, the older options are better value for money than the newer, so unless you're happy to over-pay for the sake of having something new (with the same picture quality) you are best only considering the Sony AG9 and LG CX.

Overscan isn't an issue nowadays.
Freesat is on all 77" OLEDs, both Sony and LG include the firmware. Sony AG9 has dual tuners though if you wish to connect a HDD to record or time shift.
Every TV has a Freeview tuner, again Sony dual tuner if you want to record or time shift.

Sony AG9 is a 2019 model they continued to produce in 2020. G is 2019, H 2020, J 2021.
LG X suffix models are 2020, 1 suffix models 2021 (and overpriced since they have just been released)

Rest of your preferences don't really have any impact, your usage is similar to most people and every TV can be wall mounted...although the LG GX is probably more aesthetically pleasing with its included slim mount.


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Thanks Dodgexander, that saved me a whole lot of time and will for others too I'm sure.

For the record I've opted for Sony AG9. In due course I'll likely get a sound bar - one that's good for clear dialogue - but I'll try it without first.

I'm big on privacy so, rather than use the TV's smart functionality, I'm thinking I'll use a 4K Fire TV stick with a VPN. (I'd connect to the PC with HDMI but it's in another room.)


Glad to have helped. You can run a VPN directly on the TV too. If you want to block things like google assistant, advertising etc though it may be worth looking into using a smart dns service that blocks this traffic without slowing down your connection/devices.

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