77” oled screen burn in


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I’ve seen screens of 55” and 65” being offered the screen change for the £250ish by LG for the screen burn problem but never seen anyone with the 77” being charged and had their screen changed.
So anyone had theirs done?

I tried about 2 years ago with LG on my c8 but got turned down but did manage to get it replaced for a CX by the extended warranty I had with D&G.
So just wondering has anyone succeeded with LG.


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That LG OLED swap out service is not guaranteed apparently, its still subject to circumstances, stock and availability or even if they think its not economical for them to produce an older oled panel. Newer OLED tvs from 2019+ seem to be more successful for now, 3d and curved OLEDs pretty much low if not at all. Id imagine an 77" is much higher cost or rare so more tricky to get it swapped out but maybe they could, only LG would be able to tell you.

Seen it a few times where people rang up on here and they got rejected for their burn in problems.
I guess its too prevent mis-use or fraud also, so usually its gotta be done through a retailer or D&G etc

I don't think we have seen any true 2019+ OLED tvs much with burn in and if it is its very low and usually those 2019 TVs were using much older 2017/8 OLED panels ie the ones with burn in issues.

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