75XF9005 Lip Sync


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Guys, sorry if this has been mentioned before.

I had sky Q connected thru a Yamaha receiver and all was good. I replaced the Yamaha with a Sonos setup running thru the new Arc using the TV as a switch via the ARC HDMI.

I had really poor lip-sync. I have tried everything to fix it, and after a while I took the Sonos Arc out of the circuit and used the TV speakers. The same lip sync issues. So, at that stage I resigned myself to the fact that is was the Sky Q was at fault.

More recently I have cancelled Sky and replaced it with a 4k Freesat box. Lip sync issues the same. I have tried all sorts of settings, with very little change. What I do not understand is why there are lip sync changes you can make on some devices that are only in one direction. Why can't manufacturers offer lip sync changes from -10 to +10 for example?

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