75Nano999na flicker depending on brightness


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I recently bought myself a LG 75Nano999na and this is driving me mad. Depending on the overall brightness of the shown footage, the screen seems to be dimming or brightening the whole frame. This cold happen for example if you have a bright scene somewhere outside and a person is entering the sceen -> suddenly the whole image is dimmed vice versa. In very dynamic scenes this happens a few times per second.

This can be reproduced if I use my Apple TV and scan the movie by sliding along the time line. Then the whole screen is flickering like crazy.

Please don‘t tell me this is normal? Anybody else experiencing this?

Btw. Eco mode is off. Dynamic Brightness is off. Same holds for AI brighntess.


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Short video showing a single „flicker“ - after 2 secs you will observe a single flicker. The screen is dimmed when the person gets larger. It‘s driving me mad.


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Hmm. I wonder if my question is just stupid or if there is nobody experiencing this issue. Maybe I rephrase: is this an inherent behavior of this kind of panel? Anybody else with a VA panel suffering this „issue“?


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From rtings review on the NA NANO99 8K

The full-array local dimming feature is poor. It crushes small light sources and they don't pop the way they're supposed to. The local dimming feature seems to make the entire screen dimmer, and you lose details in scenes where there are both light and dark elements in the shadows. There's a bit of blooming with non-HDR content, but there's none with HDR content because small light sources are so dim.

However, when there's a bigger light source, the backlight flickers, causing the screen to become brighter, and it can be very distracting. It does the same thing when there are two or more lines of subtitles, and you might think the TV is broken because of it.

The above sounds like your problem, even though you have local dimming disabled it may not be fully turned off it may the way the back light works on the TV is just really badly designed.

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