750i Reflashing Site - Any Good


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I bought a Vodafone 750i from here, and when it arrives, it's getting reflashed before it's even used. Now I have 3 avenues of approach.

1. Since I work for a phone company, I can try to get my SE rep to do it. He's looking into it for me.

2. I can get a mobile shop to do it for around 20quid.

3. I can use this site. http://www.kobonet-netshop.co.uk/index.php

Basically, I want to know has anyone used them or know someone who used them, and are they any good? Thanks.


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Have you tried doing a search on www.esato.com

They maybe able to answer your queries or perhaps advise on other available options.....

Dr Sat

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ive done mine,i used kobonet £7 for password and username.
works a treat,now ive a W800i.


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Excellent. I'll probably use them then. If my bloody phone ever arrives. 9 days and counting. Bloody Royal Mail.


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Actually, when reflashing, do you need to have a sim that will work on the phone in there?

I'm getting a vodafone locked 750i, but I've no vodafone sim card, nor does any of my family, nor immediate friends.

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