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750i and W800



Ok, ive never owned SE phones, always been Nokia and Samsung. As im looking to upgrade shortly i was wondering what the difference is between the K750i and the W800, apart from the Walkman? The K750i, in my eyes looks better but dont wanna go on looks alone...


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From what I've heard, there are only two "real" diferences between the two models.

1) Software on the phone (but I've heard the 750i can be flashed to a w800)

2) You get a special hands free kit with the w800, which lets you plug any 3.5mm headphones into the phone (but again you can buy these seperatly as they fit the 750i as well)

Incase you are wondering, I have a 750i, and I am awaiting delivery on the special hands free kit :thumbsup:


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The 750i is the one to get. You can get the firmware reflashed to make the phone think that it's a W800 for the few extra music features. The main difference would be that the 750i isn't a puke orange colour :)


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I was also looking at these phones and prefered the W800(for the walkman) but the colour was puting me off.How can you get the K750 firmware flashed and doe this then offer the same features.



The Walkman doesn't bother me as i got my mp3 player and not sure if i can be arsed to transfer music on to it! Thw W800 just looks a bit cheap to me?


In general, the K750 is the one to get, although on an O2 upgrade, there is only a £30 difference between them for me - £30 wouldn't get you a 512meg MS Duo Pro and the better headphones, so at least on O2, the W800 is the one to go for.

The software differences are :

1. Walkman music player - better categorising of music
2. Flight mode - switches off the radio functionality, doubling the battery life.
3. You loose the context menu (the middle top button) functionality on the W800.


2ii2 said:
W800 is free at the moment on o2.

Depends on the contract - W800 is free on O2 400, £80 on all others/upgrades. The K750i is free on O2 200, £50 on others/upgrades.

So the price isn't the same ... unless you go for the "handset only" price - both of which are quoted as £299.99 in the O2 Flyers.

Neil in Bristol

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richcandy said:
O2 online are doing W800 for £29.99 if you go for a £19 per month tariff. You get 50 min and 200 text.

IIRC if you buy an online tariff, you have to deal with customer services by sending an email (which they'll probably ignore) or by calling a premium rate number. Take it from someone who learned the hard way - your life is too valuable. :thumbsdow


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Hi. :smashin:

I love SE phones & have had them since the pre-digital days (my first was a 238).

My 750i was free on u/g on O2 and is a magnificent peice of technology. It's faultless & I love it. I moved to it from a K700i which was slow & had a poor battery life but overall was a good phone too!



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