75" X95J vs UN90a


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Current Setup:
  • TV - Samsung Un60Ku6300 (1080p)
  • PS4
  • Receiver - Yamaha htr-3064
  • Speakers - SP-FS52 floor standing 2.1
  • Subwoofer - PolkAudio PSW10 10"
Budget <$2500

1. Moderate gaming - 1-2 hours everyday
2. Netflix / Youtube / HBO Max streaming
3. Lots of regional SD content
4. Bright living room

The biggest problem with my current TV is judder and that's why I am thinking about Sony TVs. Based on my research,

Samsung Pros
1. VRR and other gaming features (Gsync / Vsync)
2. Bright
3. Good backlighting

Samsung Cons
1. Judder / DSE ?
2. No Dolby vision

Sony Pros
1. Good motion handling
2. Good all round TV

Sony Cons
1. No VRR / Gsync / Vsync
2. Low dimming zones

Which one should I go for ?
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If you mean the QN90A I think it's really a higher-grade TV than the Sony X95J due to the sheer amount of dimming zones and peak brightness.

The Sony may have less DSE but vignetting instead. Since DSE is mainly an issue for sport watchers, and most noticeable in dark conditions I'm not sure it will affect you so much. It can also differ unit to unit, with some units having worse screen uniformity than others.

Neither TV has judder, which thankfully is a thing of the past on higher end TVs. Stutter however will be prevalent on both models and is due to the TVs having so little motion blur. Compared to your current TV you may notice stutter more on a larger, brighter display.

Most people would agree that Sony has better motion processing, so if you know you are sensitive to problems with motion, then that may be a reason to go Sony. However, most owners seem happy with the motion on the Samsung too.

Both TVs have Dolby Atmos support, they can send that signal to a compatible receiver or soundbar.
What you may mean is Dolby Vision, which Samsung do not back. Samsung back HDR10+ instead, which Sony lack.

If you play an unsupported title on either TV HDR will still work, but with HDR10 and not HDR10+/Dolby Vision. If you want support for both, you can look at Hisense or TCL LCD TVs but expect a much worse TV overall compared to the QN90A.

I wouldn't worry too much about the lack of Dolby Vision support, as the TVs ability to display HDR to begin with will make for a more impressive picture than the HDR format's the TV accepts.

Vsync can be used with any TV and is part of the source, not the display. Gsync/VRR support is promised on Sony TVs in the future but works on Samsung right now.

Really, it's hard to ignore the QN90A and given your preferences I'd say it sounds like a better match for you anyway. Both TVs have best in class upscaling for broadcast TV, but you must make sure you use OTA TV, or your cable box is set to match the resolution of each TV channel otherwise you won't be utilizing it.

The only thing in your list I'd be concerned about would be motion. Not everyone gets along with the motion on modern TVs, so I'd advise to buy the TV from a store with a good return policy so if you happen to dislike it you can return the TV without hassle.

Last thing, not sure if it's worth mentioning or not but your current TV is not HD, it's a 2016 entry UHD model! The QN90A will be miles better, especially when watching HDR content.

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