75" TV Shortlist - Help needed!


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Hi all,

I'm in the market for a 75" TV to go on the wall in a room we are in the process of extending (5mx5m, quite light).

I'm going to pair it up with a Sonos Arc soundbar, so have been looking for something that has eARC, HDMI 2.1 (for Xbox Series X) and Dolby ATMOS.

My main usage will be Sky Q, Football, some movies and Gaming.

I've been going round in circles the last few weeks, but I've come up with the shortlist below:

Sony Bravia KD75XH9005
LG 75UN85006LA

I think the two LG's are IPS panels, where the Sony is VA. The Sony and the LG Nano are £1999 vs the LG75UN8500 at £1099. There is also an 82" version of the UN8500 that has a VA panel at £1999 that I might consider too.

I feel the UN8500 ticks the boxes and seems great value at the price, are the other two TVs really worth paying £900 more for?

Which would you recommend?

Is there anything else I should be considering? My max budget is around £2-2.5k.

Thanks in advance for any guidance.


Buying a LCD TV is a bit more complicated than it used to be, there are things to consider before you pick out exact models. The most important of which are which panel type you prefer from your TV, but also your prospected HDR usage.

As it happens, if you intend to use the TV for HDR (and it looks like you will have some HDR sources) then you need to consider higher end models than the ones you are looking as a baseline. Every TV and their dog comes with a HDR badge, but few have the means to display HDR without issues. This is because most TVs lack high enough peak brightness or good enough local dimming.

You should also not consider models using IPS panels, as any TV that uses an IPS panel cannot display HDR adequetly.

Right now the transition is coming to an end between 2019 and 2020 stock which means the choice is mainly between overpriced 2020 models. That unfortunately leaves you in a bad spot if you want HDMI 2.1, because TVs that come with both HDMI 2.1 and adequate HDR are out of budget. Ideally you want to aim to go for the Samsung 75Q80T at very least, but more preferably the Q85T or Q90T.

Black Friday is the first time the first major discounts hit and its a bad idea to buy a TV from a new line before then. Hopefully prices come down a bit by then so you can get a higher end TV for the same money. If you're lucky that may even be Q90T with your budget.

Its a good idea to wait to purchase the TV until after the new consoles are released anyway, so you can let other people test the problems that come with new technology..and believe me, there will undoubtedly be teething problems with HDMI 2.1 - There always is.


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Thanks for the helpful information. I’m now very much considering the Q80T, but I’m viewing a few TVs in action at RS on Saturday to help decide. I’m guessing I can plug the new Xbox into the single HDMI 2.1 port and then plug the Arc bar into HDMI 3 so it ticks the boxes.

I can get the Q80T with corporate discount meaning it would cost £2160 but it will only have 1 year warranty direct from Samsung. RS won’t budge on their price of £2699 but have their 6 year warranty, but the price difference is substantial.

Do Samsung offer any options for extending warranty or are their any other third party options I could consider for peace of mind?


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I'd definitely get the longer warranty. You could argue that's what you are paying the extra for and it's definitely worth it. I wouldn't get too hung up about HDMI 2.1 but if you must have it then go for the XH9005 or one of the top end Samsungs.


They don't offer extended warranties as far as I am aware. Most of the warranties that top up products sold at the likes of Richer Sounds, Curry's, John Lewis etc are provided by Domestic and General, so you could probably independently buy your own warranty. You could also contact Samsung's store to ask.

The price at the moment post discount from Samsung direct is £160 more than the Q80T's predecessor was selling for before it sold out. This was together with a 5-6 year warranty.

My best guess would be Richer will knock the same TV down closer to Black Friday, as prices are currently very high. You'd be better looking at that point of time, than now.

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