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75" TV - Plex compatible


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So I've finally been given the go ahead by the budget holder to go for a new telly and need your thoughts on the options I've got.

My options are limited, I can spend around £1000, maybe £1200. I know that I'm not going to get the best telly available, but I've narrowed it down to 2 options...
Philips 75 PUS7805
LG 75UN71006LC

I like the look of both, and the price is great, but I'm looking for something that will handle the following apps to be installed so I don't then need a HDMI port for a Firestick.
  • Plex - Can't find any real detail if it can be installed on any of the TV's I've looked at
  • Disney+ - not essential
  • iPlayer & other TV streamers
  • Netflix
I've also got the new X-Box on order so something that can handle HDR+ etc would be great. I've already got a Sonos system setup so sound isn't an issue.

If there are other options out there, please let me know!

Sloppy Bob

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Neither of those TVs is HDR capable.

They're HDR compatible but don't have the brightness, contrast or local dimming to show it. Them having Dolby Vision and other forms of HDR is purely a box-ticking exercise as they can't even do regular HDR.

2020 model TVs are currently overpriced and will start seeing discounts for Black Friday and be at their cheapest next spring when the 2021 models are launched.

IF you want a decent HDR capable TV in your budget, I'd advise you to

a/ Wait, until the deals are better.
b/ Reduce your ambitions to a 65" model.

The new consoles, to get the best from them, require HDMI 2.1 but only top of the range TVs currently have that. It is, however, not essential.

As to PLEX. I don't use it, most TVs from the larger manufarturers should have an app available for it but it's down to what you're using a sever has the power to transcode formats the TV is incompatible with.
The Philips uses their own SAPHI OS rather than Android, not sure if there's a PLEX app for it.

Both of those TVs as far as I can see use IPS panels which is great for wider angles but poorer for almost every other performance standard such as colour, contrast, etc.

Buying a TV got a lot more complicated in the last couple of years, I'd suggest you do a lot of reading to understand the differences between IPS vs VA, what you need for HDR, HDMI 2.1 .....

From the TV forum mod, Dodgexander - My links & guides
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Yeah you shouldn't buy at the moment and shouldn't consider TVs unless they meet a minimum spec to be used for HDR. I'd suggest the same as above, dropping down to entry level 'True HDR' 65" models and buying at a better time. TVs are currently overpriced.

The cheapest in 2020 of true HDR TVs will be the Hisense U8Q, Samsung Q80T and Sony XH9505. To afford the same kind of calibre TV at 75" you are looking at breaking your budget, even when buying at the right time.

Hisense are best avoided if you want to use a built in plex app. But you can add your own smart system for that.

Here's a recent guide I made in preparation for when the TVs prices do drop:


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Thanks for the advice. I thought it might be a question of breaking the budget, so will hang fire for the time being and see if the Amazon or Black Friday deals appeal. The LG CX's look like they are head and shoulders above the competition, but do like the look of the Sony as that fits my next potential price bracket.

Sloppy Bob

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I'd always buy from Richer sounds, John Lewis or some other retailer that gives a 5yr warranty with the TV.

The likes of Amazon, Argos etc just give the standard warranty which is normally a year or two.


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I'm a fan of Richer Sounds & JL so will no doubt purchase from one of those.
Looking at the Sony xh9005, if that comes down in price, I'll be in luck!


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So I went for it yesterday after waiting impatiently for the past month and plumped for the Sony KD75XH9005BU. Price hasn't budged from £1599 for ages now, wanted to get from JL or RS, JL had no stock, called RS, they had 4 coming this Thursday, one of them will now be mine!! In the end as you guys stated, whilst the other TV's I'd mention have the size, none of them had next gen features and with the new Xbox and hopefully new films in the new year, I've got one heck of a TV to watch them on.

Coming from a Sony KDL55W829B which is still a fantastic TV and will take pride of place in my man cave, can't wait for the new toy to arrive and fill the wall space up nicely!

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