75 inch choice - Sony XH95 Vs Panasonic HX940

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We're currently deciding which 75 inch to go for and have narrowed it down to either the Sony XH95 or the Panasonic HX940 (we have a HX940 in 43 inches currently which will be moved into a bedroom).

The main purposes will be for films, specifically 4K UHDs with some Netflix thrown in (sport, gaming etc are all secondary).

Which would be the better choice overall? I know the panny has wider HDR support and if the 43 inch is anything to go by, the handling of blooming is surprisingly good. However the panny does max out at about ~450nits or so which is on the low side for HDR and the Sony excels here with closer to 750-1000nits which would make for much better HDR impact.

Is there a clear winner on 24p motion handling as well?

Thank you!

Edit: re the ideal viewing distance for 4K, we could move up to the 85 inch Sony as we'd want the full 4K benefit.


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No brainer the Sony


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The Sony XH95 is better in pretty much every way. Just the fact that it has full-array local dimming while the Panasonic HX940 doesn't, and then add the higher peak brightness... yes, go for the XH95.


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Not sure how you narrowed it down to those 2 sets in particular, but it is really a no contest. The Sony wins in pretty much every area. Just like LG, I personally wouldn't go near a Panasonic LCD TV. They are certainly not mid/high end like they used to be. And get the 85 inch if you can afford it and it fits :)

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