75-85" recommendation, ~£2.5k budget


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Looking to upgrade from a 55” Sony EX503 (2010 vintage) to a much larger display, 75" to 85" and have seen an ex-display 77” AG9 OLED with all boxes etc and 5yr warranty for £2699 (or £2899 for brand new), seems a decent price would you say? I know it's a 2019 model but not sure I need anything bleeding edge like HMDI 2.1 etc, i don't game but not sure what will need 2.1 a few years down the line? Would rather go for something which handles lower than 4k res stuff well.
I had my eye on;
KE85XH9096BU, £2499 with 5yr warranty, 2020 model.
XR75X90J (£2299)
KD85X85J (£2599, but edge lit and 2021 so expensive still for what it is, XH90 would be preferable).

  • How well does the AG9 do in quite a well lit room (south facing, windows at 90 deg to the TV) with the brightness and reflections?
  • Also I will be using Prime and Netflix via 4K Firestick, may buy a 4k BD player and currently just have SkyHD, is HD broadcast material handled well on the AG9, I watch quite a bit of football?
  • Anthing else at mid £2k's that I should consider or that could potentially reduce to that value come Black Friday and would be better than the AG9?
  • Would the LG 77CX6 at £2999 be worth the additional outlay?

(Note I have a 5.1 setup with Denon amp (needs upgrading as well to accept 4K, probably go 2nd hand Denon) so won’t be using the inbuilt speakers. I'm also sat 5m from the screen.......).

Sorry for all the waffle and questions but i've not bought a new TV for the lounge since 2010!!!!
Thanks all.


HDMI 2.1 is not, and will not be needed on a 4k TV for anything other than gaming.
The AG9 and CX6 are in a class above the others you're looking at.
How it copes in your room will depend on the room, you can't really tell from a description whether it will work or not, you'll just have to try it. OLEDs tend to have good reflection handling, and can get a lot brighter than older TVs, so its usually a non-issue.

However they can be prone to ABL and will dim themselves if you are watching content with a lot of brightness on the TV at the same time. The AG9 will do this more aggressively than the CX.

HD is upscaled pretty cleanly by all TVs now, don't think you'll have a problem at all sitting 5m from the TV.

In your shoes I'd say paying the extra for the CX is worth it. If you want an LCD TV instead look at higher end ones like the 2020 Sony XH9505 or Samsung Q90T/Q95T instead of the ones you've listed. Avoid 2021 models like the xxJ models because they are currently overpriced and also lower tier 2020 models like the XH90 since they are really a step down the others in overall quality.

The AG9 is also a good option for you but a bit old now. If you're looking at not having a separate sound system its a better choice than the CX due to its better built in sound.

You can see my recommendations here:

The AG9 was recommended previously in the premium section of the 2019-20 guide and its also in the high tier section of this guide due to its price reduction.


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Thanks for that. Picture of the room is attached for what it's worth (wide angle pic).


I see the XH9505 in 75" is £1999 and 85" is £2999 on the Sony Centre website, guess it's how long there is stock as most other sites have sold out and I assume that will be it as they are 2020.

Re: the 77CX6, which I'm leaning towards rather than the LCD's;
Do you think we will see reductions nearer Black Friday? Guess it's juggling reductions versus stock as you could miss out! I'll have to check out the owners thread etc.


Reduction on 2021 stock come black friday maybe, but usually not a reduction that puts the newer models than current pricing of 2020 models.

If there was a reason for you to wait for the C1 over the CX it may be worth it, but I see no reason why you personally would, since the two are so alike.

You won't need to worry about viewing angles on any of these TVs. Depending on how bright the room is you may be better with an LCD TV, but its really impossible to know. OLEDs tend to do okay in bright rooms but as you've seen the further up in size you go the more OLEDs cost versus LCD TVs. So if you can get an 85" Sony XH9505 it makes more sense than a 77" OLED just because its bigger.

Even at 77" / 75" you can make a healthy 1000 saving over an OLED.


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If you compared a OLED next to the XH9505, I think you would see differences; but they both have pros and cons.

if it was my choice, I would go for the XH9505; it’s highly recommend, 2020 tv so good value and 85” would be stunning!! And looking at your room, you will be a long way off so bigger is better.


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OK well the XH9505's seem to have disappeared now from the Sony Centre website.
I'll keep my eye out over the nest weeks/few months but maybe the 77" CX will be the one given apparent stock levels, just hope it drops in price a bit.

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