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    I am new to all this! So please be patient! I am looking for a new projector - my old one is the Sharp Xv-370p and did me well - while at university, sure was better than my 14 inch portable!! And I bought it second hand - so now I am looking for a replacement. Ok, this projector is real c*a* now... but for my first large screen - it was fantastic - worked better in the winter - as it was darker longer!!

    Now... I need a new projector - but I need it equally for work and home. So it has to be light, portable and still be good on the laptop and good for watching the odd DVD.

    So after searching and searching I found this new Canon model! the 7220. It looks good, is quite quiet at 35dB.. and light and portable. I like the fact that the resolution is native XGA (1024 x 768) - so my desktop won't look all crappy..

    It's bright quite bright at 2000 ANSI lumens - so I can use it during the day - for presentations... without the need for destoying all light sources..

    The only downside is that there is only a 350:1 contrast rating.... but I am assured that it does compensate for this.

    I also found out - that canon do not make this - it's a re-badged Sanyo PLC-XU50 or there abouts!

    And at about 1450-1500 quid - is it worth it...

    Oh... I was also told by someone at cannon... this... as the specs hardly differ from the 7210 model.

    I would love to find out peoples' opinions...
    - is there a better projector out there for the money...
    - does anyone have a canon - what do they think...

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