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7210 or 7205 ?


Established Member
I was about to pull the trigger today on a Infocus 7205 when I picked up a copy of What Hi Def. (supplement in What Hi Fi)

The article was raving over the 7210 & said that if you could stretch to the extra couple of hundred quid then you certainly should.

This in mind I changed my mind & told my dealer my installer, £2.8k for a 7210 is the deal, £800 more than a 7205.

Now I just hope i've done the right thing, this is my first pj & I hope to god it will turn out ok.
I shall be having an Owl electric/tensioned/5ft/r/c screen to project it on.

Have I done the right thing or just wasted more money ?

btw: where can I get mission cubes/ivory from ?????????

Peter Parker

Distinguished Member
It's a very nice pj but will be very bright on a 5ft wide screen - it will look more like a plasma than a cinema, so you might want to consider adding an ND2 or ND4 filter to dim the image down if you find it too bright (assuming a fully light controlled room). You may find the brightness will enhance image noise and the filters help to tame that. If you have light control problems or like to have a light on, then the brightness will be useful, though a grey screen will work better than a white screen if you do have ambient light. You could easily go bigger (screensize) and still have plenty of lumens to spare.

Being your first pj, I think you will be very impressed with it though. Have you demo'd it or any other projectors?



Established Member
Many thanks Gary :smashin:
I have not demoed it as there are no quality AV shops in Swansea.
I am going on forum members/magazine reviews & my installers experience & advice.
You have thrown up an interesting point "greyscreen"
I had not considered what colour screen to buy, the room does have lots of light........ I was purchasing a white Owl screen.
Should I re-consider ?

Peter Parker

Distinguished Member
If you can't watch in total black-out conditions or intend to have a lighht on in the room while watching the projector, any other light present in the room will washout the black detail and reduce the contrast (the screen can only be as black as the amount of light reflecting off of it - no light means god black level, some light means black is a dull grey/off white). A grey screen helps to combat ambient light and improve the black level. A grey screen with gain is better still, especially if you have light walls and ceiling (it reduces the amount of light reflecting back onto the screen).

Many screen manufacturers make grey screens, and even those with less than unity gain will work well for you since you will have a very bright image on your 5ft wide screen. However, if you upgrade to a different projector, larger screen or make the room light controlled, the screen requirements might change. How much light will you have around whilst watching the pj? If you can watch in total darkness, you will get a much better image.


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