720p support. Best screen for it.



Hi all,

Hope this is not an old topic.

Anyone got any views about which screens "1280x720" looks best on.


Although resizing takes place it's roughly 50% downsize on a 852x480 screen.

852+50% = 1278
480+50% = 720

This is an asumption as you still got to take into accout how the specific plasma in question deal with the signal and what signal it's being fed perhaps. I only use DVI on mine.

1024x768 is higher on the vert and shorter on the horizontal. How would this work and look?

You probally all read my post about finding out late that my screen is in fact 852x480 (yeah go on smile or feel the pain). Going by what I feel the screen is down sizing my desktop that's always set to 1280x720 and I figured it was running native.

So is any of you running your screens at 1280x720 via HTPC's (or upscale players) set to 1280x720 on a 1024x1024 or 1024x768 native rez screen. Would really appreciate feedback on how it looks and fits. I still think 1024x768 is a better option having square pixels vs 1024x1024 but could be wrong.

End of the day resizing always takes place with our current plasma's unless it's 1280x720p native.


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