720p sufficient?


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Hi there, I was really wanting a bigger TV for the lounge. Got a 1080p 42" Panny but we moved flat recently and it looks a lot smaller in our new lounge.

I don't have much of a budget and I saw an ad for a 50" Panny at PCWorld for only £349. Only catch is it's only 720p. Our couch is only about 6 feet from the TV, would the drop in resolution be that noticeable?

I've read good reviews of the TV so it's really only the resolution that's of any concern.


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The 50" 720p screens tend to be a budget TV, with less features, less advanced processing, that sort of thing.

Therefore, it tends to be not only the loss of resolution - which is mainly visible only on Blu-ray sources and not so much on TV, but also the overall poorer picture.

Buy with caution and consider the 47" LCDs as an option.


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hi, thanks for the reply. Yeah, I think I'll give the Panny a pass. I guess it's unrealistic to think you can get a decent 50" tv for as little as £350


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Well, I was in Currys today and the had a very good look at the 50" X60 and was impressed with the picture quality. In fact it looked better than most of the TV's in there. The colours were vibrant, motion was smooth and it looked sharp. With the right source a 720p plasma(or 768p) TV can look better than a 1080p LED. Bare in mind that the original price for this TV was around £500. Its been vastly reduced as Currys are trying to get rid of their stock. However, at 6ft I would say that you would be better off with a 1080p TV.


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Hmmm, temptation creeping back lol. Mostly as well because it would mean our current 42" Panny would become my gaming TV :p


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For £350 you won't be disappointed. Panasonic screens out perform most other screens. Let alone screens at this price.


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Plasma screens give the most natural pictures.
Also the difference between 720p and 1080p is minimal and I doubt if you would feel the difference.
The easiest way to check is to go to the shop and compare side by side. Just ensure that you change the settings on the TV for real world viewing I.e they should not be set to demo mode. Also while testing look at a movie channel and a sport channel.
If it were me I would always prefer a plasma.
Secondly with chromecast you can also make the dumb tv into a smart tv something I have done.

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