720p on the PWD8?

I know it will only downscale as the PWD8 is not a HD panel. But via what connection will it downscale? Is it only via HDMI or will it downscale via component/VGA and Svideo?

Im thinking of either buying a Snazio or modded xbox for HD divx/xvid clips. Not sure which way to go at the moment.


Matt Horne

Well-known Member
All of them I believe.. I use the component input for 1080i DVHS and 720p/1080i ts files..

Oh and it looks :eek:

Can anyone confirm through Svideo as thats my spare connection at the moment.

Matt, have you watched HD divx files on yours?


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Someone shoot me down in flames, but you can't get an HD signal over s-video. Only component/VGA/HDMI/DVI are your options for HD signals.

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