7 Year old Philips PF9986 Fault. HELP!


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I have a 7 year old Philips PF9986 LCD TV and it has developed a fault. I'm struggling to find out what the fault code means, so hopefully somebody here can help!

I turn it on and I'm getting the blue power light then the red light flashes once (long) the 8 times (short).

I'll keep on digging for info, but if somebody could help it would be hugely appreciated!




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Weird goings on...

Tried the TV again and it came on! No sound though.
Then it turned itself off with error 5 long and 6 short flashes (Or the other way round)
Pulled the plug.
Plugged back in and turned it on. Failed with 6 quick flashes repeated.
Pulled the plug.
Tried again and it came on. No sound.
Then, slowly the sound reappeared.
Turned it off, and back on and it's fine!?

What happened there?

I'll check it again in the morning.

What fun.


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