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7 week old Samsung lcd with banding problem


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I purchased my Samsung le40c654 from comet & have noticed vertical & occasional horizontal banding particularily whilst watching football.

The banding appears as wide shadows down the entire length of the screen across the whole width of the screen, some darker than others.

I have contacted Comet who are sending an engineer out. They would not agree to excange the tv. I know I shouldn't have purchased the tv from Comet but they were the only ones stocking it as it has been discontinued.

What I would like to know is -

1) Am I entitled to an exchange or refund ?

2) If not what should I expect the engineer to do, i.e new screen or parts etc.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Paul MC007

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Whilst you probably won't want to hear this, Comet are absolutely dire when it comes to Customer Service/sorting out problems - I know - I've suffered at their hands - never, ever again.

Anyhow, it really depends upon what the "engineer" (and I use the term "engineer" in quotations because if it's a Comet "engineer".......you get my drift)
puts in his report.

When it comes to things like banding, quite often they don't count this as faulty - no matter how bad it seems to you.

If he puts it down as faulty, then you would have to go down the repair route. It may only be 7 weeks old, but Comet (and most other stores) have this "28 day" period of time (not stipulated in law, just something that has been "adopted" by most retailers) whereas if it was faulty within the first 28 days they would normally replace. Anything after that, and providing it's faulty, then a repair would probably be attempted first. I guess as well it depends how costly the repair is as to whether it is viable, but they would normally go down this route first.

If the engineer says its not faulty - well - I guess then you would have to get (and pay for initially) an independent report which hopefully would back your case - but that's jumping the gun somewhat.

All I can say is genuinely, best of luck. I nearly ended up taking Comet to court about a tv that failed within the first six months - long story - I won't bore you with it here - but - they (Comet) settled out of court at the last minute....

Awful company in my opinion.... but as I say, good luck....


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Thanks for the reply, doesn't fill me with too much optimism though :rolleyes:.

If I had no joy with Comet would it be worth contacting Samsung & use their warranty ?
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I have banding issues on a Samsung d6100. One band runs down the entire middle of the screen and ruins football in HD and 3D.

I bought it from Currys only 2 days ago so will be looking for a replacement. Just hope I don't get a worse one.


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Right, the Comet repairman has just been, he tried to use every excuse from the broadcasting source, to picture settings, to cabling etc.

After not giving in & accepting this, he has agreed to fit a new panel & main board probably in January, but they would not be prepared to do any further repairs for this problem afterwards.

What concerns me is if the tv is taken away for repair, how do I know they have actually replaced the parts, especially as they are not prepared to do any further repairs for this problem afterwards.
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I would think if the fault is no longer visible.

Sorry I didn't word the question very clearly.

What I meant was is there a way of identifying if a new screen has been fitted, i.e the label inside the tv on the back of the screen having a unique serial no etc.
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