7"D LCD videotelephone 30FPS audio synchrony!



New product soft launch by Motorola as Feature Product has high resolution, smooth motion picture over broadband cable or DSL with audio synchrony enabling startlingly realistic picture. Unlimited video phone calls for $14.95 per month!

Early adopter price of $799 coming down, mass production just began in April in Taiwan. Availability at high end electronic retail outlets. Check out at motorola.com/ojo ojosodes Away At School has pretty girl in video simulation at High Bandwidth

The neat thing is that motorola didn't create this product which won Best of Innovations in Design and Engineering Award in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show last January. That award led to worldwide publicity in virtually every language on the planet.

Ojo also a product placement on the show "24" with Keifer Sutherland seen by 14.8M who didn't realize the Ojo would be a product on the market. Most thought it was just a gadget dreamed up for the show. The Ojo was granted a US Patent for Design and its shape is quite futuristic. It is designed to give a face to face experience which is so realistic that you feel you are able to reach out and touch the person on the other end.

Actually created by worldgate communications
website is wgate.com where there is more info on Ojo Nasdaq WGAT
Organized links to articles clips etc at ojoworld.com

Any thoughts?

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