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7.1 surrounds placement advice


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should side and rear surrounds all be the same height. if its any help i am using a 100 inch projection screen ,and im thinking of having them all 10ft high or if the wife has her way the sides will be 10ft high and the rears 1m high from the floor on cabinets what do you think m8s PS the speakers are tannoy mercury


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Just got some Jamo's. They recommend 2mtrs to the bottom of their surround speakers.

Ambient Fish

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I would have the side and rear surrounds at the same height, but I know it's not always possible and I'm sure other members will have a solution to your quandry.


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I set my nephew system up recently a 7.1 setup and have the rear left and right channels on the left and right wall facing down and the 6th and 7th channel on the rear wall facing down - all at the same height

and they sound great.

I going to upgrade my 5.1 to 7.1 by adding another two single speakers mod1.

We both have Orb Audio speakers, same set-up.

Mod4 - Centre
Mod2 - rest
Mod1 - 6th and 7th channel

they are all high on the wall facing down except the centre channel which is above the wall mounted TV facing down.


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