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7.1 speaker placement with door at the back


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I am invoking your immense wisdom regarding the placement of 7.1 speakers. I am building my own home and I am trying to design the speaker placement for the living room, so the cables can be put inside the walls.

I am having doubts, though, about the placement for the speakers at the back, since there is a sliding door that would make it very tricky to put them at ear level, as I understand it would be best. I am thinking about hanging them from the wall, above the wall level, but pointing to the sofa at the middle of the room. Is there an issue with that? The other speakers, front, and sides would be at ear level, roughly.

I already have the speakers. Q-Acoustics 3050 at the front, and the others are 3020 (plus the central and subwoofer, also from Q-Acoustics).

I attach a floor plan, the room is pretty square. Originally, I was thinking of putting everything a bit to the side to leave space for other activities, but that would mean having a side speaker closer to the listening position than the other. So planning to put the sofa more centrally now (though the mrs is not totally convinced).


I also attach pics of the room for reference. It still is going through refurbishment - the walls will be covered, hence I would prefer the cables to go inside it.

Front: front.jpg Left: L_side_and_back.jpg Right: R_side_and_back.jpg Back: back.jpg

There is a door to the left, but the plan is for that door not to be used.

So, any better ideas? Are the speakers at the back above the door too bad?

Thank you so much for your advice!



A lot may depend on whether 7.1 is going to be the ultimate goal. If so then placing the rear surrounds relatively high may not work out too bad. If though you think you may go down the Atmos route, something that I consider to give a far more immersive experience that a base 7.1, then those rear surrounds will be far too high.

Could you not place those surrounds on stands? With a sliding door they are certainly not going to be bashed about. If you are going to fit a ceiling then it's the perfect time to at least to place wire. If leaving the ceiling vaulted then that could cause problems of it's own as both your speakers and amp will have to fill that void and would make Atmos placement more problematic.


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Hi Gibbsy,

Many thanks for your reply. To be honest, I am not very familiar with Atmos, even if I think my Denon AVR-X2200W would support it. And was not considering because I did think that the high ceiling would be an issue. As I have the speakers and I am trying to save more costs I thought that would be good for now.

And yeah, the vaulted ceiling, when refurbished, will be an asset for the room (my mrs would kill me if I suggest adding some ceiling below that), but I imagine I could have hanging stuffs (not sure what) to deal with the sound issues. I guess I wanted to furnish the room and then see how much of a problem that would be.

I guess yes, a speaker in a stand in front of the sliding door could be something to think about. Just worrying about a kid kicking it or something. Thanks! :)


As I said, if 7.1 is going to be your preferred layout then having the speakers on the wall is not going to be that much of a problem. Audyssey should take care of the balance for them. Probably safer than having them fall on children. Your 2200 is Atmos capable.

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