7.1 audio tracks on BD?


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I have just invested in a PS3 partly for its ability to send HD audio linear PCM in 7.1 to my amplifier & speaker set up

I have not seen any movies on Blu-Ray in 7.1 yet

Can anyone enlighten me?

Are they coming?



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Anything which is listed as DTS-MA or Dolby True HD could possibly give you 7.1channels and then PS3 can then output that as PCM if you want.

the mechanic

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I'll put my vote in for WAR.
7.1 PCM audio from the PS3 into my Denon 2808 and the neighbours were worried :D

Dont get too hung up on 7.1 tho' as most standard 5.1 / 6.1 soundtracks can be great too. Take the start of Ratatoulle (5.1 PCM on BD) as an example. On my system the sound of the rain as the camera pans onto the farmhouse is so realistic its as if you have been caught in a downpour for real.
Also good for a test (laugh) of surround sound is Die Hard 4.0. The apartment shootout / explosion at a high volume is a sure fire way to get an ASBO :rotfl:


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