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Hi there, Looking to purchase a 7.1 amp, whats the best priced one looking between £300 - £400 tops. Speakers is not a problem as will be purchasing new ones to go with amp. Seen a Pioneer one at £300 ish VSX 912 i think, is this one any good or is there even any cheaper options ?

Cheers :smashin:


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Where did you see the 912 for £300? Are you sure it wasn't the 812 you saw? Either way, they are both excellent amps/receivers.

Scrap the above. The 912 was an excellent receiver until it just packed up after only 4 months :(


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Think you will be lucky to get a true 7.1 speaker amp for under £400. The cheapest |I can think of is the Denon 3802 for about £465 new. May be able to pick one up second hand for a little less.

Good luck


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actually just trawling about I have seent he 3802 for £433 if you like it in gold :eek:


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HK AVR507 Limited edition 7.1 amp! Not many left but you might get a dealers demo model for a song as new HK range launch next month March 1st i think!


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If you can find a dealer with one Hornydragon. Ifyou know of any please tell me. thx


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You'll be able to pick up a nice 3802 for £300 second hand. That's what I did, and I haven't looked back. You'll get a lot more bang for your buck if you go second hand, and they shold all still be in good working order, as people tend to look after hi-fi equipment.

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