7.1/5.1 Speaker Wall Sockets


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I have run some cable around my Home Cinema room and I am now looking for some wall sockets that will allow for the connection of all speaker cables that come thru the wall into one panel for connecting to the amp.

I have seen some on the hiddenspeakers.com website that fit a dual gang socket but I was hoping for some other choices as well.

BTW is terminating the speaker cable at a wall socket and then running some short cable from the wall socket to the amp the best solution OR should I just run the cable out thru the wall for direct connection to the amp?

Wrong forum - but any recommendations for a decent mid-price 7.1 amp?


Stuart Smith


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It will be cheaper, easier and more benficial (read; less ditrimental) to your sound quality to just have some blank plates with holes to run the cables directly through.



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I purchased a load of these speaker plates on ebay.

They turned in at just a few pounds each and purchased an AV panel as well that allows all the standard video connections to be plugged into a standard wall socket.

It looks neater, if your interested PM me and I'll give you the email address of the seller who supplied me.


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