7.1.2 from a Yamaha RX-V685?


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I have a Yamaha RX-V685 AVR, driving 9 speakers (obviously not simultaneously, since it only has 7 amps), and a sub. If I drive the fronts via the pre outs and an external amp, will this receiver use its 7 amps to drive the rest of the speakers? What I'm trying to achieve is 7.1.2 for Atmos. Right now, I get 5.1.2. which sounds great, but the surround back speakers go unused.



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No, it is simply a 7 channel AV receiver with 7 integral channels of amplification and just 7 channels of simultaneous audio pricesssing. You cannot add additional channels of amplification to this model. The only Yamaha models that fascilitate adding additional channels are the flagship models such as the RXA3080.


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If using the front left and right pre outs then you'd not then be able to reassign the AV receiver's integral associated amplification to other uses. You'd simply be using the external amplification instead of the integral amplification if utilising thise pre outs. The AV receiver has only 7 channel processing so cannot process more than 7 channels simultanrous;y. The 9 channel and above AV receivers that do what you are suggesting have additional channels of processing in reserve so additional channels can be added via external amps.

You'd not be adding additional channels, simply using something different to power those channels.

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