6900XT connected to Samsung Q90T causes black screen during FreeSync switching


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I have an ASUS Crosshair VIII Hero 3800X build with an Asus 6900XT connected to a Samsung Q90T ([email protected], HDR disabled).

In desktop mode (e.g. windows overlaid each other) the output from the 6900XT is 120Hz. When there's a full screen 3D content, the 6900XT switches to FreeSync/VRR (great).

However, this switching causes a 3 second black screen, I assume while the HDMI signal is resynced. This is especially terrible for MSFS (when using other apps/utilities). Occasionally the resync fails completely and the Q90T shows no signal and has to be power cycled.

I previously had a RTX 2070 which managed to have Gsync/VRR even in "desktop" mode (so there was no switching). Is this (FreeSync all the time) possible with the Radeon? Or is this a Q90T issue?

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