668 or 868 for my new 435?

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    Hi everyone,

    I have recently bought a Pioneer 435FDE and I am about to pair it with a good HDMI dvd player (I'm currently abusing it with a cheapo player connected via RGB scart...). I thought the 668 was more than good enough, but surfing the forums I have stumbled upon this 'upscaling' thing that I don't fully understand.

    As I have gathered, the 668 will only output progressive images up to 576p, while the 868 can output 'unprocessed' images and therefore scale up to higher resolutions that the screen is able to display. Is this correct? But most importantly, how does this affect the picture quality on my screen since DVD doesn't actually go further than 576 lines?

    Can someone possibly explain all this to me in clear, simple terms so that I can finally understand the large price difference between these two players, and if it is really worth going the extra mile and get the 868?

    Many, many thanks.
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    Somewhere near the M4 most of the time......
    cant comment on which is the better machine but just to say that your plasma will process all incoming video signals to native res regardless of what the DVD player outputs and i am 99% that the FDE and XDE screens cannot accept native RES over HDMI so the screen will still be doing some scaling.....

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