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Hi All, first post for me

I had settled on a new 65 inch TV, and the 65U8QF seemed to offer the best value for my price-point (about 1200 euros locally). However, the same retailer is now offering the newer 65U8GQ model for about 1000 euros (about 300 off base price I think)

My question is - am I really getting more of a TV with the older QF version?

I am not very technical, I just want the best value TV for my money (mixture of SD TV, films, sport, although we watch a lot of TV in a dark room), and in my local market these Hisense models are WAY cheaper than equivalents from the main brands.

In your opinion, what would be the pros and cons of each model? I think the older model has 60Hz vs 120Hz for the newer model? I have seen some people say that the 120Hz is not really practically available somehow??

Also I am aware that the panels have changed between the models - is it worth the 200 euro premium for the older panel - is the new panel THAT much of a dog??

I am not able to test the TVs, and I am not able to find the Hisense TVs on display in local stores, so would welcome your thoughts and input. If the differences are expected to be rather subtle, then I would probably buy the cheaper, newer model and buy a luminoodle or such with the extra cash.

Thanks very much in advance!


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Go onto YouTube and search for HDTV Test, where Vincent has tested and reviewed both models.

According to Vincent the newer QG version is a down grade, due to it's IPS low contrast panel and lower number of dimming back light zones.

The QF older model has a VA 120 hz native panel, but the HDMI ports are not 2.1 so you won't get the latest gaming features where it will only output 4k 60fps when playing games with the latest games consoles.

For the money i am extremely happy with my 65 inch U8QF.
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Thanks for the info, I will take a look

I thought the newer one had the 120Hz going for it, but seems that is not the case. The question now is if the newer IPS is better value at 1000 compared to the older model at 1200.

It seems that most info is positive about the older model, but a lot of negativity about the 'new' IPS panel.
Does anyone know of a comparable 65 in IPS panel TV from another manufacturer? Just looking to see if 1000 is a comparative bargain, or on par for the tech.

I am kind of drawn more to the U8QF at this point, maybe not worth the extra 200 to be potentially disapointed.

The TV is replacing a 2013 Pani Plasma, so I am not planning to buy another TV for a couple of years at least!


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My understanding is that both Hisense models have a native 8 bit FRC 120 hz panel.

Where both panels are not equipped to display 120 hz 4K when gaming.

I think the newer QG model offers EARC over HDMI compared to the QF that only has ARC (i might be wrong, where HDTV test YouTube videos should hopefully confirm).

If you watch both videos then the older QF model has had some firmware updates since Vincent shot the YouTube video and i don't see some of the flaws he noticed during his test / review.

Should you be watching in a low lit environment then i would go with the older VA panel on the QF model.

The IPS variant will look worse in a dark room, though with IPS panels you will get better off axis viewing.

With most LCD panels i would recommend using some back bias lighting to improve the perception of the black on the television.

Don't get stuck that the latest models are always better than the previous models they are replacing where this is not always the case.

If it was my money and off axis viewing is not essential, than i would go with the older QF model if you can afford it.

PS - I also forgot to mention that the QF older model can go brighter in HDR.

I also noticed that you watch SD and neither television would look that great in SD on a 65 inch screen.
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I am still using a Panasonic Plasma TV in the bedroom and comparing it to the Hisense the Plasma handles SD content much better and also motion and motion resolution for fast moving sports is much better also on my Plasma.

Where the Hisense shines is colours, and 4K and 4K HDR content.


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Actually the SD was a mistake - we watch a mixture of SD and HD (well amazon 4k fire stick type services)
It seems that the newer model has some drawbacks compared to the older model, so I would rather not take the risk

I also managed to find a cheaper deal on the 2020 model, so I have bought it and am eagerly awaiting the delivery.

Thanks again for your help and input!

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