65OLED806 Vs. 65OLED903


Hi everyone,

I have the Philips flagship TV from 2018, 65OLED903. I absolutely love it, however, my biggest "issues" with the TV is the high input lag (30 ms) in game mode.

I have seen that the new 65OLED806 has around 15ms in game mode which would be perfect for gaming with my PS5. Also the TV and its 2 HDMI ports supports 120 HZ while the 65OLED903 only does 60 HZ.

Would you guys think an upgrade would be justified for PS5 gaming and also of course lots of video watching.

Thanks in advance


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3 years is a decent run for a tv. Maybe, time for an upgrade due to 120hz support? However, it seems the 803/903 models were bright and punchy in their own right. Check also the following video out:



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Also at this moment the 2021 Philips models suffers from many bugs in their firmware. Maybe it’s better to wait a while until Philips has solved all the problems. Because at this moment the television can get you really frustrated.


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Maybe wait another year imo, only another 9 months for the next set of refresh 2022 models. This year, all the sets were pretty much similar to their 2020 counterparts.


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Do you genuinely struggle to game with 30ms of input lag or does it just bother you that the specs say the new one is faster?

Don’t get me wrong, if twitch gaming competitively on PC at super high FPS then sure, 30ms is too much but it definitely wouldn’t be the sole reason I’d upgrade my TV if playing on consoles at predominantly 60 FPS and under.

It’s your money of course but I can’t see it being a transformative gaming experience going down to 15ms from 30ms…

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