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Appreciate that there is plenty of great advice in these forums, and have certainly done my best to pick through a lot of it (Especially Dodge’s guides). So hopefully have managed to narrow things down. I would still appreciate some help or opinions on the below though, if possibly:

Usage: Netflix, Prime, iPlayer, IPTV, Virgin
Gaming: Xbox Series X
Type: Movies, Sport (Football/F1), Gaming, Boxsets (classic/new)

Looking for 65inch minimum. HDMI 2.1 to take advantage of Next Gen gaming.

LG BX 65: £1599 (+£140 insurance)
LG CX 65: £1799 (+£140 insurance)
Samsung q90t/q95t: £1299 / £1399

I currently have an LG OLED B6 55inch (2017). I very much like the picture quality aspects and contrast of OLED, however within less that 2 years it has suffered screen burn (playing games like FIFA and Rocket League has not helped), and has only got worse since. It’s was enough for me to vow never to go OLED again, however reading some bits on here has made me wonder again.

The issue would be, that although I probably wouldn’t imagine I would use it as hard as I have done in the past with static images, I can’t guarantee that, and wouldnt be able to rule it out given my past viewing habits and content I consume. That said, I have no idea how well these newer OLED panels might do with combatting screen burn, or indeed if they might be even worse these days (due to greater HDR being used etc).

It’s hard to get away from the fact though that the OLEDs are consistently recommended (for at least the next gen gaming) over the LCDs, as well as the point that there may even be insurance options available for screen burn (only major drawback, except possibly brightness?).

So after all this, my questions would be:

1). If you had to score (out of 100) the panels below, how would you compare based on my usage (irrelevant of price)?
2). Do we think the CX is worth £200 more than the BX after the recent price drop on the CX?
3) Do we think that the JL screen burn insurance with D&G is likely to hold up against screen burn (regardless if you don’t want to change content every hour or so, or run hundreds of manual anti-screen burn programs every session?
4) Has anyone ever claimed on the JL insurance for screen burn as yet and able to share their experienc?
5) If OLED becomes a no go, has anyone had experience of going from OLED to Samsung q90t and able to share if they are happy with their decision or not?
6) Would we say these TVs are in their peak low point price as yet, or have a few more drops to go? By much if at all?

If you have experience of any of these or all, it would be great to hear from you and help me make a decision that’s been killing me for a while!

Thanks in advance,
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Crampton and Moore have the 65CX for £1519. JL will match that price and it does seem a very good deal. In terms of will it drop any more, no one knows for sure but chances are whenever you buy there will always be a better deal round the corner.


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I would go with the Q90t and be worry-free with your usage but it would be nice to have a smaller oled somewhere else to use for films though.


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Managed to successfully confirm a price match with JL for the CX65: £1519 (Thanks fadetoblack!)

Seems a really good price! Issue still remains the screen burn risk though (Which I’ve experienced badly on my B6 55 inch (2017).

  • Can anyone confirm if Oled panels are genuinely better at mitigating screen burn these days, or if there are still quite a few cases out there?
  • What are people’s thoughts on the JL insurance policy (£140). True peace of mind and hassle-free, or we think there would be problem claiming (them stating abuse or not following manufacturers instructions/guidance) and wish we’d never had bothered?
  • Do we think the Q90T is likely the only real viable option on the LCD front given my use case?
  • How much better is the OLED Over the Q90T
  • Do we think that LCD has enough of its own problems (DSE/Blooming), that the risk with Oled is probably worth it?

Appreciate there’s a lot of threads covering bits of these already, but I’d be appreciative of anyone’s opinions or thought if they’ve been through similar, or have an informed view on things.



The newer ones are certainly more durable but you still have to be aware that static images will eventually cause burn in. The B6 is actually a 2016 model, with the B7 and later having more durable pixels.
Each year they make a better, more durable pixel structure. In 2021 the OLEDs that can get brighter will be even more durable again.

You could calculate how soon you'd see burn in based on your worse possible usage. Take something like FIFA and assume based on the rtings.com test the TV will last around 5000 hours before seeing burn in that game.

Your weekly fifa usage / 5000 = how many weeks you can expect the TV to last. Do the same with Rocket League if you play that more.

If the answer is lower than you want, go for an LCD TV instead like the Q90T or the XH95, if you're kind of in-between and unsure the insurance isn't a bad idea.

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