Question 65B8 - V6 Box & Sonos Playbar


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Okay so this is driving me nuts!

So I have a LG65B8 - installed it yesterday.
I have the Tivo V6 on HDMI 1
I have the Xbox One on HDMI 2
I have the optical cable from the TV to the Sonos PlayBar.

I have setup the LG magic remote to the Sonos - this works fine.
I have then got the Tivo V6 remote which I use the power, volume and mute. Having followed the sync it does what the instructions show.

The power button on the Tivo V6 will turn the B8 on and off. The mute button and the volume button both show the on screen animation as expected, but unfortunately nothing happens on the Sonos - it doesn't mute and it doesn't go up or down.

Any ideas? This is driving me round the bend...!


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So you're basically saying your Tivo remote won't control the Sonos?


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Not quite.

So the Tivo remote wont work on the Sonos. But then if I pick up the magic remote and press mute or up or down on the volume it works.

Then I pick up the Tivo remote and it now works.

Then after touching the Magic remote again the Tivo remote no longer works - despite the TV showing all the on screen commands as if it has seen the request....



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So...the power, mute and the down volume buttons work.

The up volume does not, despite the LG display showing the input on screen.

Then at random points the up menu option on the Tivo remote brings up the LG Select the Menu popup.

Its completely weird.


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Okay so some progress.

Tivo remote fully working by making it the configured remote on the Sonos.

Problem is the LG TV remote will NOT allow me to change the volume or mute it when the sound out is set to optical. The LG TV shows all the button presses and they do nothing at all on the magic remote.

Is there anyway to configure the optical out and have the TV control the volume and mute?

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