65" vs 75" OLED vs Sony XH95 ?


Hi, I have a spacious living room with a central sofa and 2 sides, making a U. The central one is 3.7m and the sides depending on the position from 3.3 to 2.8. Right now I have an Oled Philips 803 and good for series, but in the movies what the black band eats ... I usually approach with one of the individual side sofas at 2.5m or so.
So I'm going to renew to leave this 55 "OLED on a floor where it will always be 2.5m.
And now buy a 65 "OLED or if the viewing angles are good, without the image barely being washed out, a 75" the sony xh95 or xh90 if there is hardly any improvement in viewing angles between the two.
What would you do In the FALD reviews I miss the viewing angle test and in the comparisons with OLED, for which we have huge rooms haha
In my OLED the viewing angles are very good but not perfect because in a soccer game the green of the field turns yellow at a higher angle.

Greetings from Spain.


Take a look at the reviews of rtings.com which compare the viewing angles of OLEDs and LCD TVs like the XH95.

An OLED will be drastically better than an LCD TV, even ones with a wide viewing angle filter. But some OLEDs anti glare coating seems to have better viewing angles than others at tighter angles.

Tip from me: measure the exact angles you need in degrees from the centre of the TV, it will be much easier shopping that way, than using distances.

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